• History - Beynat & Janniaux


    The story of a passion

  • Mr Georges Beynat and Mr Hervé Janniaux Leather goods and travel luggage trade show Paris 1974

  • Mr Georges Beynat with his wife Mrs Chantal Beynat Shipment of small leather goods orders

  • Mr Vassant Faugoo Plating of the skins Paris 1978

  • Mr Vassant Faugoo Plating of the skins Paris 2009

  • Mr Vassant Faugoo Lizard skins stock

  • Small leather goods workshop Maroquinerie de Champagne

  • Small leather goods workshop Maroquinerie de Champagne

  • Small leather goods workshop Maroquinerie de Champagne

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Beynat et Janniaux was founded by Georges Beynat and Hervé Janniaux in 1947. Through decades of dedicated work fueled by a deep passion for their trade, they succeeded in developing a skill unique to their house. To this day, this passion, unaltered by the passing of time still animates Beynat et Janniaux’s personnel under Vassant Faugoo’s creative spell.

The story of a passion

In the lines that follow, you will learn about the history of the company. A history tied to the life story of Vassant Faugoo, whose passion for the trade gave him the determination and meticulousness necessary to develop Beynat et Janniaux into the international reference that it has become.

Vassant was born in Bon Accueil, a Mauritian town whose name literally means “good hospitality”. His origins are perhaps the key to Vassant’s own hospitality, modesty and empathy. These qualities are essential to the development of authentic craftsmanship, as well as the mastery of the various techniques involved in manufacturing fine exotic leather goods.

His skills as an entrepreneur were sharpened as he himself toiled at the workshop, alongside his fellow craftsmen. Thus, out of the limelight, he pursued perfection to supply some of the most prestigious fashion houses.

He first arrived in continental France in 1976, and started working for the company in October 1978 as a substitute mechanic on a one-month contract. After demonstrating outstanding skills and professionalism, which earned him the foreman’s unconditional trust, he was offered a long-term mechanic position with Mr. Beynat’s approval.

Story has it that Mr. Beynat went down to meet Vassant at the workshop, and asked to see his hands. Vassant held them out, and after inspecting them Mr. Beynat informed him that he could continue working for him. Vassant replied that he would, on the one condition that he be given permission to use the triple-feed machines, the single-feeds not being fast enough to his liking.

Vassant’s passion for the trade and this house in particular only grew stronger with time. So much so that in 1983, by which time he had reached the highest levels of the company’s hierarchy, Mr. Beynat offered to sell him his shares of the company. And so Vassant and a coworker of his took out a loan and acquired the company. Only later, in 1994, did Vassant take the reins of the company as its sole director.

Alone at the helm

Under Vassant’s direction, small leather-goods intended for the retail market became an increasingly significant share of the company’s activity.

  • Showcase at domestic and international exhibitions, including in Japan;
  • Existing range of colors (black, brown, navy blue and burgundy) extended to cover every shade of color;
  • Introduction of new exotic skins (python, ostrich leg, stingray skin…).

The most prestigious luxury houses

Thanks to an updated and well-conducted communication strategy, Beynat et Janniaux’s outstanding production started reaching new audiences, including some of the greatest luxury establishments.

In 2003, Vassant acquired Maroquinerie de Champagne, a leather crafting company based in Romilly-sur-Seine, near Troyes. This acquisition was motivated by the growing demand, which the modest Paris workshop made it difficult to meet. This significant addition to Beynat et Janniaux’s team and infrastructure took Vassant’s uncompromised dedication, which included setting up an in-house training program for the personnel.

Today, Beynat et Janniaux boasts around seventy employees in Paris, and as much at Maroquinerie de Champagne.

Together the two companies generate an annual revenue of approximately 10 million Euros and offer a wide range of products of unequaled quality internationally.

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