• History - Beynat & Janniaux


    The story of a passion

  • Mr Georges Beynat and Mr Hervé Janniaux Leather goods and travel luggage trade show Paris 1974

  • Mr Georges Beynat with his wife Mrs Chantal Beynat Shipment of small leather goods orders

  • Mr Vassant Faugoo Plating of the skins Paris 1978

  • Mr Vassant Faugoo Plating of the skins Paris 2009

  • Mr Vassant Faugoo Lizard skins stock

  • Small leather goods workshop Maroquinerie de Champagne

  • Small leather goods workshop Maroquinerie de Champagne

  • Small leather goods workshop Maroquinerie de Champagne

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Mr Georges Beynat and Hervé Janniaux started the company Beynat & Janniaux in 1947; from the passion for their profession they managed through decades to acquire a unique sense of savoir-faire. Today it is with the same passion that enlivens the staff of Beynat & Janniaux, all together orchestrated by Vassant Faugoo’s magic-wand.

The story of a passion

Enclosed you will find the history of the company as well of young man Vassant, pugnacious, perfectionist and passionate about his career.

Vassant was born at Bon Accueil, Mauritius, perhaps this is why he has the sense of hospitality, the discretion and empathy for the proper development of an authentic savoir-faire as well as mastering the various production techniques required in exotic skins and fine leathers.

His talent as an entrepreneur was acquired on the ground, working assiduously with his team in the shadow of the most prestigious names in a constant quest for perfection and to satisfy the “famous” and the “less famous” of the world.

Vassant arrived in France in 1976, he started working in this company in 1978 to replace for a month a fellow worker at a mechanic post. By winning the complete trust of the company’s foreman and due to the quality of this work, he obtained a job as a mechanic with the consent of Mr Beynat.

The story goes on to say that Mr Beynat went to see Vassant to ask him to show his hands, Vassant executed... Mr Beynat then told him he could stay. Vassant retorted that he was willing to stay on the condition that he would be able to use the sewing machine with triple training instead of the simple training because it was not fast enough for him.

Vassant passion for his job and the company growing so well, that having climbed up all the levels, Mr Beynat offered him to sell his shares in late 1983. Together with a partner, Vassant bought the shares of the company with the help of a credit, however it was not until 1994 that he took totally the reins of the company.

Alone at the helm

The activity based solely on the achievement of small leather-goods intended for retailers attained a wide growth under the Vassant’s leadership:

  • National and International exhibitions including Japan.
  • Existing range of colours (blacks, brown, navy, Bordeaux) extended to all colours.
  • Working new exotic skins leathers (stingray, python, ostrich-leg)

The most prestigious luxury houses

With its new communication techniques Beynat and Janniaux has been able to showcase the exceptional quality of its products thus attracting famous luxury houses.

In 2003, restricted in working floor’s space and in order to increase the production capacity, Vassant bought the firm “Maroquinerie De Champagne” situated near Troyes at Romilly sur Seine.

Today Beynat & Janniaux counts about fifty employees, Maroquinerie de Champagne counts about forty.

Creating in terms of quality and diversity incomparable high end products at international level, both companies together have a turnover of approximately 7.5 millions Euros.