Vassant - Paris

“Vassant” collection is proposed in a wide range of women and men handbags as well as a complete range of small leather goods and accessories. Each style is produced on placed orders in various colors and materials.


Small accessories

  • Wallet


    PM19: black mat python wallet
    H. 11 cm x L. 19 cm
  • Billfolds


    PB15: shiny navy alligator billfold
    H. 9.5 cm x L. 11 cm
  • Purse


    PM48: Small zipped purse in plum ostrich
    H. 8 cm x L. 11 cm
  • Card Case

    Card Case

    EV7: card case in the form of envelope in orange lizard
    H. 7 cm x L. 10.5 cm
  • Paper Work

    Paper Work

    REP.G: Repertoire big size in mat brown alligator style
    H. 13.5 cm x L. 9 cm
  • Various small leather goods accessories

    Various small leather goods accessories

    CL2: shiny brown alligator key holders
    H. 5.5 cm x L. 12 cm

Women Handbags

  • Daily inflexible bags

    Daily inflexible bags

    Antique grey alligator classical Babylone shoulder bag
    L. 35 cm x H. 24 cm x P. 11 cm
  • Daily Semi-inflexible bags

    Daily Semi-inflexible bags

    Cognac Ostrich Adelaide shoulder bag
    L. 36 cm x H. 32 cm x P. 13 cm
  • Daily Flexible bags

    Daily Flexible bags

    Mat black alligator shoulder Belize bag
    L. 42 cm x H. 32 cm x P. 4 cm
  • Daily Extra flexible bags

    Daily Extra flexible bags

    Millennium black python shoulder Panama bag
    L. 50 cm x H. 35 cm x P. 12 cm
  • Business Bags

    Business Bags

    Shiny black alligator Paris briefcase
    L. 40 cm x H. 30 cm x P. 8 cm
  • Evening Bags

    Evening Bags

    Brushed gold alligator Vegas evening bag
    L. 27 cm x H. 20 cm x P. 7 cm
  • Week end Bags

    Week end Bags

    Mat beige alligator Kallisté travel bag
    L. 53 cm x H. 30 cm x P. 25 cm

Men’s bags

  • Daily Bag

    Daily Bag

    Bronx Messenger Bag in mat black python
    L. 40 cm x H. 32 cm x P. 10 cm
  • Business Bag

    Business Bag

    Notting Hill double document case with key lock in brown alligator bootmaker finishing
    L. 41 cm x H. 30 cm x P. 10 cm
  • Leisure bag

    Leisure bag

    Jodhpur sport bag in navy blue alligator millennium finishing
    L. 53 cm x H. 25 cm x P. 29 cm


  • Bracelets


    Black stingray bracelet with palladium lock
  • Necklace


    Straps sheathed in mat ebony crocodile
  • Women Belts

    Women Belts

    Shiny orange alligator belt with brushed palladium buckle
  • Men's Belts

    Men’s Belts

    Brown millennium alligator belt with brushed gold buckle