• Leathers - Beynat & Janniaux


    When the material seems to sing

  • Cutting of the skin The crocodile skin is cut in 3 parts (head, belly and tail)

  • Wetting of the skin The skin is wetted to be stretched

  • Stretching of the skin The skin is stretched on a wood board with nails

  • The cutting of the product The product is cut with a point cutter

  • Taking off the thickness of the skin Taking of the thickness of the skin by hand in order to fix together the pieces of crocodile

  • The brand The logo is being stamped with a gold thread

  • The dyeing process

  • Finished products

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Enter the workshop, let the exhilarating world of exotic leather overcome you, with its delightful fragrances, its mesmerizing colors...

At once, all five senses are awakened; touch, taste, sight, smell and sound... Sensations overcome you and plunge you into a world of exotic wonder. Let the uniquely silky — near divine — touch of fine leather carry you to faraway lands the smells of which fill the workshop. Let the sound of skillful fingers rhythmically tapping leather overcome you, as our craftsmen turn Mother Nature’s finest into works of art.

If you are so lucky as to be let into the alligator skins’ storeroom, Mr. Faugoo the warden of this treasure will tell you that here “the matter starts singing”. And he speaks as a knowing man, having been born in Mauritius, where sun and sea sing as they meet. And so were his fellow crew members born all over the world; there, perhaps, lay the secret of the love and care with which they transform the leathers.

The act of picking out a skin goes hand in hand with a thirst for the overseas, a desire to uncover the finest of what each continent has to offer. It is much like a pilgrimage, whether to Asia on a quest for Java’s water monitor, or to Egypt or Australia for their famed crocodile.

Our experts will not settle for anything but the finest materials available, never yielding to less than the highest standards. This determination to seek for the hidden gem, materials both exceptional in their quality and rareness, is at the very heart of our philosophy.

Each and every skin transformed in our workshops is tanned by the most prestigious French and Italian houses such as Hermès Peaux Précieuses, Caravel, Novalpina, France Croco, whose work is second to none.

Only this extreme attention given to the selecting of raw materials makes it possible for us to offer our customers the ultimate luxury experience: a piece with unparalleled natural richness which has been revealed and enhanced by skillful hands.

When you acquire a Beynat et Janniaux piece, you do not choose from the pages of a catalogue. You get a piece that is unique, a piece with a story. A piece with a feel of its own and a mesmerizing look, the likes of which can only be obtained when Nature is handled with the greatest care.

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