• Leathers - Beynat & Janniaux


    When the material seems to sing

  • Cutting of the skin The crocodile skin is cut in 3 parts (head, belly and tail)

  • Wetting of the skin The skin is wetted to be stretched

  • Stretching of the skin The skin is stretched on a wood board with nails

  • The cutting of the product The product is cut with a point cutter

  • Taking off the thickness of the skin Taking of the thickness of the skin by hand in order to fix together the pieces of crocodile

  • The brand The logo is being stamped with a gold thread

  • The dyeing process

  • Finished products

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Enter the work-shop and inhale the exotic and unique smell of skin leathers, let yourself be attracted and captivated by gorgeous colours and materials.

Immediately each and every of your senses are awakening; the touch, the smell, the sight and even the hearing seem to compete with each other.

Let yourself captivated by the unusual, silky, subtly divine and delicate touch of leathers, their unusual smells but also the cracking sound of the skin in the hands of the skin-cutters as if being caressed while being worked out before attaining it’s utmost sublimity.

When Mr Faugoo, owner of the work-shop, talks about the stock of alligator to those privileged persons visiting his “den”, that the material seems to sing, he knows exactly what he is talking about: he is a native of Mauritius, an Island where the sun and sea sing when they meet at the horizon.

His fellow staffs accompanying him in what he calls his passion, come from various part of the world; probably this is the reason why they have such an ability in transforming leathers with great skills, much talents and love.

The selection of leather is mostly a search, a pilgrimage, an evasion, a journey across the world in every continent: (Asia, American, Africa, South East Pacific…) discovering exotic skin such as lizard from Java, Crocodile from the Nile or Australia and Python from Viet Nam.

To achieve the very best result we use of our skills to import the finest materials, at times, very rare species as per their qualities and origins.

Without any exception, all the skins worked-out in our work-shop are tanned in either French or Italian tanneries (Hermes precious skins leather, Caravel, Novalpina, France Croco…). These prestigious references are the guarantee of an incomparable quality.

Each and every piece created are unique and design of the skin is like a finger-print that seal the product’s Aura for ever.

Here you are not just buying a designed accessory, but a unique and exclusive piece with a history; an original material with an extraordinary touch, a natural luxurious beauty product.